Digi Labs policies

General policies

  • Only current students and staff from KOMM, NORS, DIKU and our recognized collaborators are eligible to use Digi Labs' facilities.
  • Users must provide their own external storage devices for storing their data or use the One Drive cloud solution, provided by the University of Copenhagen.
  • Any work saved on computers, iPad, SD cards or micro-computers of Digi Labs may be deleted once you are logged off/finished with your project and cannot be recovered.
  • The Digi Labs are not responsible for damage to personal computers, nor for the loss of data or information, nor for liability that occurs from the use of Digi Lab, software, or hardware.
  • The users cannot borrow equipment, tools or other materials for use outside of Digi Labs' premises, except in cases where you have an agreement with someone from Digi Lab. 
  • The Department of Communication is not responsible for anything left behind in the Digi Labs.
  • The users are responsible for tidying up the space used after each session and recycling waste material in the containers provided.
  • Violation of the rules, responsibilities, and agreements set forth in these policies, may result in disciplinary action. At the discretion of Digi Labs staff, loss of privileges for violation of these policies may occur. Severe violations of university-wide policies may result in disciplinary actions from the University of Copenhagen, or legal action as defined by those policies. 

Computer usage policies

As a user you agree to

  • Be courteous to each other while in the Digi Labs' area.
  • Comply with all rules, procedures, and restrictions developed by the University of Copenhagen on the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources and GDPR Data.
  • Accept responsibility for the security of the information you give on the web, such as personal information and credit card numbers.
  • Respect copyright laws and licensing agreements.

As a user you agree NOT to

  • Use Digi Labs' computers and equipment for illegal activities, advertising, lobbying, or commercial purposes.
  • Modify any hardware or software of Digi Labs' computers without permission.